• What are your means?

  • Beauty & Relaxation ?

  • Healthy ?

  • Spiritual ?

  • Nurturing ?

  • Serving others ?

What are your means?

Beauty & Relaxation ?

Healthy ?

Spiritual ?

Nurturing ?

Serving others ?

About the Brand

Thai Origin Massage is founded by Penny - a licensed massage therapist and psychologist who has been working in healing industry since late 2014.

She has a personal commitment to serve humanity and the society she live in and came from, to help people from physical, mental and psychological pain under her capabilities being a wounded healer - The Chiron.

Since she has been working with over thousand people who have all kind of issues with physical and mental discomforts, limitation due to their work conditions, life style and living circumstances, unable to visit Penny as often as they wish to.  Some asking her for recommendation for self-help tools that they can use upon their circumstances and personal means.

For more details about Thai massage and its wisdom please visit www.thaioriginmassage.com

Thai massage : UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity


Penny is an untimate healer working in a professional respectful manner while remaining personally interested in working on her client's health care. I would recommend Penny to anyone who sincerely interested in improving their health.

Gord Gardner

First experience in Thai massage and I loved it, it was wonderful!!I left feeling very light. Penny stretched my muscles like I never could do by myself!! She is very nice and very professional. Highly recommended!!

Brígida Dionis

“Neck pain relieved after one session”

I could not sleep because of the neck pain. After having a two-hours massage, I could turn my neck more comfortably and I could sleep later at night. Thai Origin Massage gave me a deep tissue massage which really worked. Highly recommended.


I have been going to Penny for the past few months. I discovered Thai massage after our trip to Thailand. What I can say is that Penny’s massages are better than any massage i got in Thailand! She addresses my specific concerns during the treatment and is able to find others that could be potential issues as well! She is professional and friendly and puts you at ease immediately. I highly recommend her for your health care and massage needs.

Anu Bhalla

Excellent therapist, very friendly and easy to talk with. She has an excellent (and very strong) hand (people who prefer soft, light massage, may not appreciate as much). She knows exactly how to find the knots in the muscles and work on them. I strongly recommend!

Maya Lavoie

​Hello Penny,

Just to let you know that I had the best yoga and massage session with you. I feel fresh and very active no more pain, thank you and hope to have another one once I come back in June. Thank you and have a great day. Regards.


​Penny, I must say thank you for your treatment.  I was worried for my neck pain before I came to see you . I deliver gasoline for work and that I could not turn my neck as fast as I wish to check the mirror when I drive. If I miss and accident happen because I can not turn my head  fully while driving on the road. Some people might die or suffer the consequences. I do not wish to imagine that. So THANK YOU so much Penny. Your treatment is really work !

Real T.

Hi Penny, 

I really appreciate your massage. You relax me and you are a magician with your hands. I am very pleased to have met you. You are a very good person and i wish good things for you and your kids. Thank you very much.

Gilles Parent

I have numbness on my body and my skull caused by accident since last year. I must say Thai Massage is amazing. It helps me feel energitic, light and loose. Penny really know what she is doing and how. She has a healing hands and also a very warmth and generous person. Thank you Penny !

Dianne L.